• Donna

Microsoft Teams updates - October 2020

With Microsoft Teams constantly changing I wanted to create a quick blog on the four most useful recent updates in Microsoft Teams and how they can help you. Lots of exciting stuff due in the near future so keep an eye out for further posts.

Live Captions - The name of the speaker is now attributed to the relevant caption, you'll find live captions under the three dots.

Notifications - You might have noticed your notifications settings look a little different. These have been simplified so you can ensure you only get the notifications you need. You can also turn off message previews, which is especially helpful if you are sharing your screen during a meeting.

Mute Attendees - Disable attendees microphones to ensure you don't get any interruptions, this is especially useful if you have a lot to get through or a large audience as Teams meetings can now accommodate 300 people. The meeting organiser will find this function in meeting options.

Team Templates - You can now select from a number of templates to get started quickly with a new Team, suggested channels and apps included.

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